Systems of Care

Systems of Care

Infection Prevention and Control

HAIVN is helping to prepare Vietnam’s health system for emerging health threats by strengthening hospital infection control programs and developing antimicrobial stewardship programs to improve antibiotic use. We do this through developing standard operating procedures, providing clinical training and mentoring, implementing systems of surveillance, and using data to drive improvement in prevention of hospital associated infections.

Barriers to Care

Addressing barriers to managing viral infections like Hepatitis and HIV can help eliminate these diseases as public health threats. We do this by strengthening the system for screening and referrals and expanding access and navigation support for patients throughout the entire cascade of care.

Clinical Guidelines

Working with government and healthcare facilities to develop and implement clinical guidelines improves quality of care given to patients. HAIVN has supported the development of guidelines in each of our programs at the global, national and local levels, ensuring sustainability and collaborative learning.