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HAIVN isfocused on building capacity for the routine use of program and clinical data for monitoring, evaluation and quality improvement.


In this area, we provided technical assistance to the HCMC PAC for the evaluation of a model of ART delivery in HCMC whereby patients who are clinically stable on ART are transferred from the district specialized HIV clinics to the ward health station level (WHS).  Results from this evaluation have informed improvements to ongoing program implementation including establishment of more regular mentoring and clinical updates from the districts to the ward health stations.


We also use QI methodology to strengthen our internal monitoring and evaluation to measure where we are successful and where improvements can be made.  This includes regular use of training and onsite mentoring data coupled with site level performance measurement data (when available), to make adjustments in and improvement of program implementation.  Understanding where capacity building approaches have been successful and where changes are needed will continue to provide important lessons as we develop our program.