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HAIVN has been providing clinical training and mentoring in Vietnam since 2004. During that time, we have trained over 2500 healthcare workers in HIV care and treatment; contributing substantially to the scale up of antiretroviral therapy (ART) in the country. Our efforts have led to the development of national HIV training curricula for both physicians and nurses and to strengthened capacity of HIV educators nationwide.


Our current efforts focus on supporting the VAAC to implement models of HIV technical assistance (TA) in high HIV burden provinces. The provincial TA model (see figure) involves the formation of a provincial coaching team (PCT) generally made up of a clinical expert(s) from the provincial general hospital (PGH) and quality improvement (QI) coach(es) from the Provincial AIDS Committee (PAC). All members of the PCT are trained in clinical mentoring skills and quality improvement methodology and coaching. The PCT meet regularly to plan TA activities, using routinely collected data to prioritize sites, determine TA needs, improve provincial quality issues such as referrals and stock outs, and request TA from the national level when needed. HAIVN provides support to the PCT; assisting them in the planning and implementation of their TA activities.


Currently, HAIVN is providing technical support to the VAAC in the development of a national HIV technical assistance system. The PCT are a core component of the VAAC’s TA strategy and HAIVN is working with VAAC to implement and evaluate the model in 6 provinces.