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Since 2012, Vietnam has implemented a National Quality Improvement (QI) Program (HIVQUAL) with the goal of improving the quality of care provided in HIV clinics in the country. The National QI Program is led by the Vietnam Administration of HIV/AIDS Control (VAAC) and a National QI Technical Working Group (TWG).


In collaboration with CDC-Vietnam and HEALTHQUAL International, HAIVN has provided technical support to the VAAC and the TWG that has been integral to the initiation and the scale-up of the HIVQUAL program. Our efforts have contributed to the development of the national QI plan, quality indicators for both adult and pediatric sites, and training curricula for QI implementers and for QI coaches. HAIVN staff have provided intensive coaching to HIV clinics and have worked with provincial leaders to develop local capacity for QI coaching.


Our current work in this area focuses on developing locally relevant QI coaching capacity. To this end, we have developed a practical, hands on and interactive training curriculum for QI coaches and have supported the National Program to adapt this curriculum for training provincial coaches. Following the training, we provide direct mentorship to provincial coaches during our site visits to the HIV clinical sites.


Currently, we are working with VAAC to develop innovative internet-based methods to provide QI coaching to HIV care sites and to integrate provincial QI coaching into the broader National HIV TA Strategy.