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On March 28, 2017, HAIVN received Laos MOH delegation to Ha Noi office to share about experience in HIVQUAL implementation and TA provision. The meeting had the present of Dr. Nguyen Huu Hai, Vice Head of Care and Treatment Department, VAAC, Viet Nam Ministry of Health; Dr. Khanthanouvieng Sayabounthavong, Deputy Director of National Center for HIV/AIDS and STI, Laos Ministry of Health; and his colleagues of 11 members from different hospitals/agencies of Laos. 


In this meeting, we provided Laos delegation with HAIVN’s role, work and experience relate to HIVQUAL TA provision activities, briefly presentation on what HAIVN, as HIVQUAL TA provider, has been done so far to support Viet Nam national HIVQUAL program and shared lessons learned and recommendations to the delegation during TA to Vietnam HIVQUAL program. Moreover, we also introduced to participants HAIVN’s significant e-mentoring activity by facilitating a real e-coaching session (via Zoom) to Sop Cop OPC and Son La PAC (PCT members). The Laos delegation highly appreciated the sharing from HAIVN and showed expectation that they could learn and apply these lessons learnt in their TA to Laos HIVQUAL program. By the end of the meeting, HAIVN and Laos delegation had a meaningful discussion and Q&A session related to quality improvement in the context of budget cut by international communities.