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Dr. Todd Pollack, HAIVN Country Director, at the opening workshop of the Pediatric HIV Network E-Mentoring ProjectThere are approximately 5000 children living with HIV in Vietnam with more than 4000 currently receiving antiretroviral therapy at HIV outpatient clinics through Vietnam. Delivering high quality of care for HIV-infected children requires systems to ensure that treating physicians have up-to-date clinical knowledge and have access to national or regional experts in pediatric HIV when necessary. Nhi Dong 1 Hospital (ND1) in HCMC is one of the leading pediatric hospitals in the country and its Infectious Disease Department is responsible for providing clinical training and technical assistance (TA) to health workers in the southern provinces of Vietnam.


Providing regular on-site training and TA is resource intensive with frequent travel costing money and time away from patient care. To overcome this, HAIVN is supporting ND1 to implement a model of TA called E-mentoring. E-mentoring utilizes videoconferencing telehealth technology to bring together provincial healthcare workers with experts in national or regional centers through on-line networks. E-mentoring aims to build health worker capacity through case-based learning, peer-to-peer learning, and short targeted didactic presentations.



Dr. Trương Hữu Khanh, Director of Infectious Diseases Deparrtment at ND1, leading an E-Mentoring session for the Pediatric HIV Network in southern Vietnam


On March 10, 2015, ND1 officially launched the Pediatric HIV Network E-Mentoring Project. Healthcare workers from 20 provinces in the south of Vietnam will join the Network. Clinical experts from ND1 Hospital, led by Dr. Trương Hữu Khanh, will provide training and mentoring to pediatric clinicians in HIV care and treatment. In addition, clinicians will have a forum to access expert advice for individual patient management.



For more information about HAIVN’s innovative work in healthcare worker training and mentoring, visit HAIVN’s website and watch this video