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From 12-15 July 2017, technical staff of IMPACT MED Alliance in collaboration with key faculty/trainers in the core teams of curriculum reform of two universities of medicine and pharmacy (Hai Phong and Thai Binh) facilitated a workshop to disseminate the curriculum reform requirements and processes, concepts of integration, integrated strategies, and active learning approaches to faculty and staff of the two universities. The dissemination aims to get them well prepared for the reform process and to be ready to collaborate actively and meaningfully into the process. After the workshops, 2 UMPs will organize several local workshops to identify overall leaning goals for 6 years, 3 pre-clinical years (year 1-3) and for year 1. Then they should also identify the specific learning objectives for all modules and courses for year 1. The outputs of these local workshop will be the input for the next international workshop facilitated by HMS faculty planned in late September. It is anticipated that this will result in a strong and effective health workforce in Vietnam able to respond to 21st century priorities and to contribute to the health resilience and health security of the country.