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In October and November 2016, HAIVN and TUMP have been working intensely to develop a comprehensive and effective working plan on medication curriculum reform. The first step is conducting a Joint Comprehensive Reform Assessment (JCRA), which includes an online survey with TUMP students and faculty, receiving more than 800 and 250 responses, respectively. HAIVN and TUMP then conducted intensive meetings and focus group discussions for further information. The purpose of the JCRA is to identify current challenges and opportunities for medical education curriculum reform and develop collaboration plan within the IMPACT MED Alliance for the next five years. In the in depth group discussions, 3 groups of faculty (Reform committee, senior and junior faculty) and 2 groups of students (senior and junior) of TUMP shared their thoughts about current teaching and learning methods. Additionally, faculty identified challenges to curriculum reform, including increased workload, limited available resources and technical assistance. However, as reform is a compulsory process to meet MOH competency standards, TUMP students and faculty expressed a high level of commitment in this reform. TUMP leadership, faculty and students were especially impressed with IMPACT MED’s initial gesture of commitment to the reform process through the donation of the Samsung Smart Classroom. In mid-November, HAIVN and TUMP staff will share the findings of this assessment and develop the Plan of Action accordingly.